capitalizing on nearly 40 years’ experience, CHROMALPES develops metal surface treatment solutions such as hard chromium plating, nickel electroplating or bi-layer plating to meet demanding hardness requirements (1000Hv), frictional wear resistance, abrasion resistance and resistance to chemicals. Furthermore, this type of plating does not cause any deformation of the parts being treated..

Chromium has all the qualities needed to become the best ally of durability for your parts.

Our surface treatments improve the performance of parts in numerous industrial applications: hydraulics, pneumatics, public works, nuclear, food-processing, the food industry, packaging, mechanical engineering, the steel industry, metallurgy, aeronautics, the motor industry, the paper-making industry, printing…


  • Wear-resistant surface treatment for all cylindrical, flat or complex mechanical components
  • Unlimited de-chroming and re-chroming possibilities
  • Hardness from 700 to 1200Hv
  • Wear resistance
  • Low friction factor
  • Improves protection against corrosion (for total impermeability combined with nickel)
  • Thickness from 2 to 600 µm
  • On all types of metallic substrate
  • Treatment without deformation

Each customer is central to our thinking. Our teams offer you swift and totally personalized solutions.